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Line Skywalker Karlström Biography (2009)

Being a visual artist whose main interest is in identity politics, social change and critique of power, and informed by feminist art and feminist activism, Line S. Karlström has developed a practice that is both interdisciplinary and performative. Line S. Karlström's works address the undoing of the "normal" "female" body, using various strategies, among them failure and subjected body positions. Other conditions that Karlström addresses are agreements on how power in our common space(s) is distributed; she negotiate these agreements by occupying space with her body in action and interventions. Line S. Karlström currently works on a project that broadens her queer standpoint to also include ideas of ecology and sustainability – in theory and practice. In a life-as-art project she merges these interests with investigations of companion species relationships, unadorned choreographies and domesticated erotics.

Line S. Karlström is a founding member of the performance group High Heel Sisters (2002-2007). In 2005 Karlström co-founded The YES! Association – an artist's association that aims to overthrow hierarchies connected to physical and mental ability, sexuality and class, male supremacy and ethnic supremacy within the art world.

Email: lineskarlstrom at hotmail.com

Selfportrait in Furs (Koko)